Oh The Places She’ll Go {Event Recap}

“Oh! The Places You’ll Go! You’ll be on your way up! You’ll be seeing great sights! You’ll join the high fliers who soar to high heights.” - Dr. Seuss 
Isn’t it just the best when someone encourages and supports you to go higher and do greater things? The world is a crazy place, and with it comes wild and unexpected twists and turns. Dr. Seuss’s message is clear, in the “Great Balancing Act” of life, we are all capable of doing amazing things. Sometimes, we just need someone to gas us up a bit ;)
The excitement and wonder of what’s to come was the essence of what our client was looking for at this whimsical and heartfelt Evansville Country Club baby shower. At the core, isn’t that what baby showers are all about? Creating an opportunity to love on our dear new mama friends, shower them with support, and remind them of the beauty to come.

And just look how beautiful it was....
We often get asked...what makes great event decor? And we would say 10000000000% it’s all in the details. The goal of this event was a soft, feminine look with lush florals and plays on travel. For anyone looking to make their next event upscale, we recommend playing close attention to your details. Everything your guests see should all tell the same story, so to speak. To do this, we like to focus on three detail areas: 

1. Tablescape:
For this event, we focused on creating a visually stunning centerpiece by creating a full, fresh floral runner. This was requested specifically by our client and we love how it turned out! We sourced greenery and flowers from our local wholesale florist, and wove the runner together by layering various floral pieces on top of one another to eliminate white space from the tablecloth. Start with your greenery first, and then add your flowers to create an abundant garden aesthetic. The more flowers the better! We stayed within our event’s story concept by sticking with soft colors, mainly white and blush.

2. Meaningful touches:
One of our favorite ways to create meaning at an event is with custom paper products. To achieve the “in the clouds” look pictured above, we partnered with our friend Rachel Walker of @rachcreatesdesigns to create stunning, watercolor graphic accents. We used these designs on things like the bar signage, gift table, and party favors to create a visually cohesive look. 
3. A fun photo backdrop!
Every party needs a place to snap pictures! Beyond social media, years from now when the baby isn’t such a baby anymore, the photos will unlock all of your precious memories of showering your little one. We are BIG fans of boxwood walls as the perfect greenery staple to ground any photo aesthetic. (PS- if you like greenery walls you can use ours anytime you book with us!)
To achieve this look, we purchased balloons in various shades of blush and various transparency levels to continue the cloud vibe. Once the balloons were secured to the wall, we decorated around them using the same flowers as the tablescape to create cohesion. We also added custom script letters and a handmade hot air balloon to finish the look. 

We would like to say a special thank you to our client, Alex, for sharing your special day with us! It was an honor to decorate for your niece’s arrival! 
Need help planning your next event? Merrymint offers both on- and off-site Event Coordination Services. Email us at shopmerrymint@gmail.com to set up your event consultation!

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