Halloween Throwbacks! {Personal}

In the spirit of our Halloween Collection, we thought we would share some of our favorite Halloween costumes and memories! Both of us always make it a priority to dress up our kiddos and do something special each Halloween. Trick-or-treating is a must in the Sansing household, while the Haires focus more on at home activities like Halloween crafts. 

Here we are through the years!
Rachel, her husband Nathan, and their son Camden on Camden’s first Halloween. Good grief he’s cute!! 

Katie’s son, Truett, spent his first Halloween in the NICU. Mama had to get creative because he was too tiny for even baby costumes, so here he is wearing a dinosaur costume designed for a toy poodle 😂
Here is Camden on his second Halloween! Isn’t he the cutest Dobby you’ve ever seen?!
Here is Truett on his second Halloween. It was a chilly day at Evansville’s Boo at the Zoo, but T enjoyed watching all of the kids run around and seeing the animals out and about. He even touched a lizard! 

For Cam’s 3rd Halloween he took flight as an astronaut. He thought Trick-Or-Treating and visiting family was out of this world! 

Katie and her son, Truett, dressed up as 101 Dalmatians for his 3rd Halloween. The puppy obsession is strong in the Haire house!
The next year Lucy joined the Sansing crew and spent her first Halloween as Madeline. Always fancy, this childhood favorite was just a precursor to Lucy’s love of Paris. Wait until you see her birthday party theme for this year!!
Truett was a terrrrrrrrrific tiger last year for Halloween. 
Lucy and Camden dressed up as our favorite 1776 duo, Alexander and Eliza. Young, scrappy, and hungry (for candy!) ***SPOTTED: Decorative bats available NOW in our shop!
How do you celebrate Halloween with your kids? What are they dressing up as this year? Check back after the big day to see what our kids wear!
Love Halloween as much as we do? 
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  • Amy

    Oh my goodness! What great Halloween memories of some adorable kiddos! I LOVE Lucy’s Madeline hat/outfit!!! Wink Wink!

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